Brian Tracy This is a great book, full of ideas, examples,
stories, and rules for increased business
success and profitability.
— Brian Tracy, author of Million Dollar Habits
  Rules of the Hunt  
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Outfox the Competition, Track Down Big Profits,
Maintain Your Integrity and Return Home Early!
Rules of the Hunt is different from any business book you are likely to ever read. You'll find nothing trendy or theoretical but rather down to earth and friendly advice that you might expect from a trusted mentor.
You'll learn a lot that simply can't be taught at any business school. The author shares a lifetime of learning and earning. Besides this book's practical business insights and observations, you'll learn powerful leadership rules that will gain you respect and loyalty. You'll also profit from the authors intriguing observations on the power of words and symbols in business.
This is a friendly book, straightforward, easy to understand, pragmatic and free of academic theories or business ideologies. Rules of the Hunt is highly acclaimed because it tells it like it is. Read a full description of the book at
"Rules of the Hunt is amazingly hard-hitting and informative, yet written in the most straightforward language I have ever seen in a business book"
— Garth Moulton, President and cofounder, OtherScreen, and cofounder, Jigsaw Data Corporation
These lessons are authentic and insightful and will have an impact on your thinking, your career, your success, and your personal fulfillment.
— Jeffrey Gitomer, entrepreneur, bestselling author of Social BOOM!, and America's Leading Business Growth Expert
I have never read a business book with so much wisdom—and so many useful ideas—on virtually every page. And all of it presented with no wasted words.
— Bob Bly, America's top copywriter and author of The Copywriter's Handbook
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SalesDogThe Cold Calling Survival Guide by Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling

Wendy Weiss You'll learn how to identify real prospects fast, grab your prospect's attention (or grab prospects' attention) in the first few seconds, overcome fear forever, and get more sales in today's tough selling environment.
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SalesDogAttract Money Now 162-page PDF file from Joe Vitale

Joe Vitale Joe was once homeless and lived in poverty for many years. He is offering his Attract Money Now book to help you and anyone else who might be struggling right now. He has discovered the path to freedom and is giving it to you FREE!
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SalesDogExcerpt from 1-800 Awesome: Tactics For Making Big Money Every Hour by Chris Rugh

Chris Rugh Are you an entrepreneur? Do you own or run a business? Are you overwhelmed with running a business? Look no further. Being a leader isn't an easy thing, and it's not something you can learn overnight. Chris Rugh will teach you how to lead your business and your team effectively. $9.95 Value

SalesDogThe One Sales Test You're Guaranteed to Fail! by Dan Seidman

Dan SeidmanGreat sales pros can ANSWER and ACT on each of these 3 questions. How will you do?

SalesDog2012 Goal Planning Guide
from Jeb Blount

Jeb BlountThis 16-page guide and workbook is designed to help sales professionals take their career and life to the next level with an easy process for setting winning goals.
$29.95 Value

SalesDogGet More Leads from your B2B Website by Dianna Huff

Dianna HuffIf your website isn't generating leads, then you'll want this 17-page special report prepared for business owners and marketers. Filled with practical tips — from SEO to mobile — you can put to use immediately.
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SalesDogInternet Lifestyle Manifesto
by Terry Dean

Terry Dean 16 Year Internet Marketing veteran reveals the 10 uncommon rules that took him from delivering pizzas for a living for $8 an hour to creating a million dollar internet lifestyle.
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SalesDogBest Year Ever Audio Program by Eric Taylor

Eric Taylor Eric inspires, educates, entertains and motivates you to take action in twelve critical areas that can literally transform your life both personally and professionally! Discover to have "YOUR" Best Year Ever!
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SalesDogDon't Take Our Word For It, Take Theirs! by Michel Neray

Michel Neray Get a complete primer on using testimonials as a strategic, competitive advantage plus a one-hour audio teleclass. You'll learn how testimonials can strengthen your Essential Message and help you grow your business.
$22.22 Value

SalesDogThe Little e-Book of Closing
from Jeffrey Gitomer, author of Social BOOM!, and America's Leading Business Growth Expert

Jeffrey Gitomer This power-packed e-book shows you new perspectives on closing that build relationships, create partnerships and allow you to win your price on your terms. Originally written as a companion to The Sales Bible Revised Edition, The Little E-Book of Closing now stands alone as a great tool to help you ask effective closing questions, create urgency, and find your winning formula.
$7.96 Value

SalesDog57 Sales Tips To Reinvent
and Distinguish Yourself From
Your Competition
by Jim Meisenheimer

Jim Meisenheimer You'll learn how to identify real prospects fast, grab your prospect's attention (or grab prospects' attention) in the first few seconds, overcome fear forever, and get more sales in today's tough selling environment.
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SalesDogTelephone Tips that SELL! 501 Ideas and Affirmations to Help You Get More Business by Phone
by Art Sobczak

Art Sobczak Tens of thousands of this hard copy have been sold, and you are getting the ebook free. Over 500 tips to help you get more yes's and fewer no's on your sales and prospecting calls.
$14.95 Value

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SalesDogJill Konrath's 4 Free Resources for your Prospecting Tool Kit

Jill Konrath Receive a 45-minute Selling to Crazy-Busy Prospects audio, the Buyer's Matrix to laser in on what's most important to prospects, the Value Proposition Generator (the perfect resource for crafting enticing phone calls, emails, proposals and presentations), plus 9 Tips to Get Prospects to Call You Back.

SalesDogJoe Guertin's Sales Biz Plan Special Report

Joe Guertin Joe has helped thousands boost their sales in tough times. Now, you can have his Sales Business Plan guide to help create new business and build habits that have catapulted others to the top of their professions.
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SalesDogFatal Sales Blunders Cost You Money by Kelley Robertson

Kelley Robertson Do you know what sales blunders are costing you money? Discover how to increase your sales by avoiding key mistakes that many salespeople make. A 60-minute audio program.
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SalesDogBody Language: How to Read Your Prospect Like a Book!
by John Boe

John BoeIn this 67-minute PowerPoint-driven sales training webinar, you'll discover important nonverbal tips, tactics, and techniques to help you use the power of body language to close more sales in less time!
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SalesDogVisioneering: Turning Your Core Values Into A Greater Reality by George Huang, M.D.

George Huang, M.D. This 5-part video series will help you align your values and reconnect with the things you are most passionate about and that give you a sense of purpose and meaning in your life. You'll refocus on what it is that keeps you going day-to-day.
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SalesDogLaw of Attraction Principles
to Grow Your Business
by Susan Friedmann

Susan Friedmann In this 45-minute teleclass, you'll learn how to unlock the secret door to becoming more abundant so you can start attracting the right customers and money-making opportunities to grow your business.
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SalesDogHow to Double Your Response Rates at Half the Cost Special Report by Bob Bly

Bob Bly Learn how to write subject lines that get your emails opened, how to build your subscriber list, 10 steps to online marketing success, how to help search engines find you, persuasion secrets of the pros, and much more.
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SalesDogBody Language for Women in Business by Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D.

Carol Kinsey Goman To be perceived as a powerful, credible, and confident professional woman, you need to be aware of the nonverbal signals you're sending. In this e-booklet, you'll learn how to avoid body language traps, ways to enhance your authority and advance your career.
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SalesDogAchieve Your Dream Life
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Billy Cox You'll receive a free downloadable Dream Book, Seven Steps to Designing and Achieving Your Dream Life and a live audio, Your Best Year Ever, to make 2012 your best year ever.
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SalesDogThe Networking Event Checklist by Andrea Nierenberg

Andrea Nierenberg Get the most out of your next business event with this 5-page checklist. Learn to reach out, take the initiative, make a positive impression, and capitalize on contacts and connections. Networking will soon become a key part of your career success.
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SalesDogPlatinum Rule for DISC Sales Mastery by Dr. Tony Alessandra

Dr. Tony Alessandra 235-page e-Book that teaches how to apply DISC behavioral styles knowledge to an adaptive sales process. Mastering this skill enables you to build and maintain rapport throughout the entire buying/selling cycle.
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SalesDog10 Techniques to Make You a Better Closer by Mike Brooks

Mike Brooks Learn ten proven techniques that you can apply instantly to qualify better leads, overcome more objections, and close more sales. Download your copy today!
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Sales Training Central Tired of calls or emails not getting returned, gatekeepers screening you, or hearing "not interested"? Receive proven tips and tactics that will help you get more appointments with decision makers.
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SalesDogSelling to Senior Executives
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Dianna Booher Reduce your sales cycle dramatically by selling to the executive suite! The guidelines in this eBook will help you cut a quicker path to success by directing your sales efforts to the top decision-makers.
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SalesDogReal-world Advice for Entre-
preneurial and Business Success

Rules of the Hunt by Michael Dalton Johnson
Outfox the Competi-
tion, Track Down Big Profits, Maintain Your Integrity and Return Home Early!